Caution! Permanent Side Effects!

 A word of caution. Ark Wellness programs may lead to:

*Permanent weight loss
*Reducing your stress...everyday, in the moment
*Restorative sleep (Zzzz!!!)
*Fewer midlife issues...standing strong at the top of the hill!
*A skip in your step when you find your inner spirit
*A huge smile on your face just because you feel GOOD!

I'm just a phone call away! Whether you prefer one-on-one wellness coaching or group classes by phone, I can help you put together a program perfect for YOU!  Call TODAY to schedule your FREE 30-minute consultation (715-572-5714)

Welcome to The Ark!

When Noah (which happens to be my son's name) built the Ark, God told him that life as he knew it wasn't going as planned and was going to destroy everything on the earth.  Could you image the look on Noah's face!  One could only imagine the fear and uncertainty that must of crossed his mind.  But Noah had faith, built the Ark and arrived joyously at a brand new life.

The chance to start over.

This is my vision for Ark Wellness.  Many of us are looking to start over.  For whatever reason.  Perhaps you haven't treated your body the way you should have.  Perhaps the stress of your life has gotten the best of your health and you need to reorganize your priorities.  Whatever your new way of living looks like, Ark Wellness is here to help you navigate those waters and discover your new life.

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